The Wine O'Clock News

...and the wonderful life beyond.

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My name is SinĂ©ad and I'm an Occupational Therapist. (no not an alcoholic - an Occupational Therapist). Perhaps I am also an alcoholic...who knows? All I know is that I fell deeply in love with wine a long time ago and when I tried to cut down I found it difficult. 

I loved Wine O'Clock. No really - I absolutely loved it. It's that magical time of day when it's ok to drink wine.  Lately however I've discovered that the life beyond it is actually better. I know, I is hard to fathom but bear with me. I have fifteen years experience of working as an occupational therapist in mental health. I've helped people with all sorts of problems turn their life around and make wonderful changes that support health, happiness and wellbeing.  So I began ( albeit fifteen years later)  to apply some of the techniques I have used over the years as an Occupational Therapist to my own situation and found that life started to become that little bit more interesting.... 

If you are curious about cutting down easily or even giving up (gasp!) wine/alcohol entirely, The Wine O'Clock News is the place to start. Here you will find resources and advice around the best and easiest way to do it. You never might even discover a little bit of happiness in your own life beyond Wine O'Clock.