The Wine O'Clock News

...and the wonderful life beyond.

My "Have you a Drink Problem?" test. 

Scenario. Picture this....

You have two things you love in life. Alcohol and chocolate (substitute chocolate with cheese for the savoury foodies amongst us). You visit your doctor and she says to you. "Regardless of how much you are consuming, chocolate and alcohol are damaging your health and will shorten your life. You must stop consuming them and live the rest of your life without chocolate and alcohol in order to reverse the damage.".  God no. The dread. THE DREAD. How can you even picture a future without chocolate and alcohol? 

Let's take a Closer look at this. Is it actually giving up  a) chocolate or b) alcohol that fills you with dread, fear and dispair? Or of course c) Neither. I'm in total control in every aspect of my life. 


a) chocolate. 

You are clearly at the wrong website. I'm pretty sure there's a chocoholics site somewhere around here somewhere. Now where did I see that....? 

b) Alcohol. 

Isn't there something just a little bit wrong with this? Why is quitting so unthinkable even if we know it's unhealthy? Why is it different to chocolate or cheese? Is it because maybe, just maybe, we could be dependent on it? That can't be good, can it? 

c) Neither. I'm in total control in every aspect of my life. 

Nothing to see here so.  Away you go. That's grand.